Jun 22, 2020  |  Chris Hicken

This framework will help you assess how a company perceives Customer Success—and in turn, how they value their customers.
Jun 17, 2020  |  Brook Perry

Jess Jurva shares the changes she's made in the past year that help Lucidworks provide a world-class experience to a wide range of customer types.
Jun 10, 2020  |  Chris Hicken

Despite all the maturity Customer Success has seen as a function, the one area that remains underdeveloped is how companies measure the value received by customers.
May 20, 2020  |  Chris Hicken

In the midst of this crisis, Success leaders are looking for ways to check in with customers to gauge churn risk without sounding tone-deaf. Here’s a step-by-step on gauging risk and engaging customers in an appropriate way (hint: it doesn't include NPS).
May 18, 2020  |  Brook Perry

Jennifer Dearman (Pendo's CCO) offers her best advice on evolving a Customer Success organization for scale—with detailed strategies for setting team structure, segmenting customers, and more.
May 12, 2020  |  Chris Hicken

If the Success team is handling more customers that aren't a good fit and are unlikely to renew, there's a good chance the Sales team is closing "bad" deals. Here's how Success leaders can fix the problem.
May 11, 2020  |  Boaz Maor, Jay Nathan

Whether Sales or Success should own commercial activities is a highly debated topic. Here's Boaz Maor and Jay Nathan with an actionable framework for companies to use when making this decision.
May 5, 2020  |  Brook Perry

In this interview, Carta's Head of Customer Success offers advice for establishing a high-growth career in Success and how to make the transition to managing at a higher level.
Apr 28, 2020  |  Josh Hicken

With so much noise and to-do’s, it’s easy for CSMs to lose track of how their customers are really doing. Here are four areas where CSMs can cut through the noise and get the information they need.